Forest & Flora

Southern Oregon


We are a Grants Pass based wedding and event florist. At Forest & Flora we create intentional, luxury floral designs for special events of all kinds in the Rogue Valley. Whether for weddings, businesses, or parties, we focus on quality, artistic florals that will truly set apart your event in a memorable way. Our process is transparent and simple, so you can focus on relaxing and enjoying your special day. 


I’m Sarah, the designer/manager/maker here at Forest & Flora. As a florist, I find immense joy in the endless creativity floral design offers. Each arrangement is a unique opportunity to blend colors, textures, and shapes to craft living works of art. Whether it’s a delicate bridal bouquet or a grand centerpiece, the process of selecting and arranging flowers is an opportunity to showcase them in a new light.

Our promise

As a dedicated florist, I specialize in crafting masterpieces that elevate your event to the next level. I understand the importance of creativity, and I’m passionate about translating your vision into stunning floral designs that leave a lasting impression. When you choose our services, you’re not just getting flowers; you’re getting an artistic journey and a promise of expertise you can trust. Let’s turn your event into a floral masterpiece – contact us today for a quote.